In 2018 Skinner Street was born with the purpose to be an active Independent Film and Television Production Company. Based out of Vancouver, BC, we are equipped with enough support and resources that it is within our capacity to help bring projects to life beyond this city. Our goal is to develop high-quality, story-based content and nurture a warm and inspiring environment for all filmmakers in our employ as well as for clients from every avenue of the business. We are a team of genre filmmakers, dedicated to creating first-class content and delivering what we've promised.



We began our partnership producing a WW1 set musical- Directed by Michelle Kee. The film follows a young girl who is dedicated to delivering care-packages for her father to the front lines. It is a Magical-Realist romp of a film, with some surprisingly comedic and often tear-jerking moments. The film has since gone on to being shown at festivals all around the world.


For our next outing, Skinner Street developed The Desolation Prize, a ghost story in the tradition of the classic American Gothic horrors. It was given a modern twist by setting it in a vintage clothing store. And with the participation of some of Vancouver's finest filmmakers, the result is a stunning production with superb acting.


A self-help writer plagued by the actions of his violent 8-year-old year daughter moves to an isolated farmhouse to cure her barbaric outbursts, only to unwittingly unlock her murderous potential.


Vancouver, BC, Canada

Find us on Instagram @skinnerstreetfilms

Find us on Instagram @skinnerstreetfilms